About and Review Policy

Hi there, my name is Dawn and welcome to Cutter and Dust Jacket. I provide reviews on fiction and non-fiction material. I also post articles and personal musings, mainly about library advocacy. I’ve been working in the library industry for the past twelve years and am passionate about all things books!

I enjoy books from many genres, but lately have been reading historical fiction and graphic novels. If you are interested in having me review a book, visit the contact page but please check out my review policy below.

Review Policy:
(1) Items I accept:

  • Adult Fiction
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Graphic Novels

I have no preference for genre at this time.

(2) I accept physical (hardcover, paperback, and ARC) and digital forms (.mobi and .epub).  If you wish to send me an Advance Reader’s Copy I will clearly state in my review that that was the form in which I read the material and not a finished published copy.

(3) For requested reviews I will require:

  • A synopsis of the book and cover art if available.
  • Social media links you wish to include, or your publisher wishes to have included.
  • Time frame review needs to be completed in.

(4) All of my reviews will be formatted and presented in the same way:

  • Photo of the cover art (if available).
  • Brief summary from goodreads or supplied information via the publisher/requester.
  • Review of book.
  • Star rating out of five.

Please note, occasionally I will copy my review and post it to my goodreads account. All reviews will be posted here first.

All of my reviews are based on my own opinion and thoughts about the material I read. I do not comment or mention formatting errors or personal attributes of the author. My reviews are only based on the material read. If a book is apart of a series I may include information from previous books that are relevant. If my review contains spoilers I will add a disclaimer at the beginning of the review. I strive to be fair.

*At this time I am at capacity of material to review and am not accepting requests*